Investment Proposition

What does Pei invest in?

Pei invests in commercial real estate assets categories with income generation and appreciation potential, seeking a continued diversification per type of asset, tenant, and geographic distribution.

Real Estate Assets:

  • Business Centers
  • Corporate Offices
  • Shopping centers
  • Hypermarkets
  • Commercial premises
  • Logistics centers
  • Stand-alone warehouses
  • Educational sites
  • Health sector sites
  • Hotels
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Investment criteria

The vehicle must meet five investment criteria according to the Placement Prospectus:

Geographic Diversification

Geographic diversification in the main and intermediate cities within the national territory.


Investments to enhance the properties’ appreciation.


Review of the assets’ tenants profiles.

Real Estate Assets

Improvement and renovation of Real Estate Assets, to maximize their profitability.

Placement Prospectus

Advance payments of the purchase price of assets under construction or to be built, according to the Placement Prospectus’s guidelines.

Portfolio Diversification

According to the investment criteria, PEI diversifies its portfolio geographically, per type of asset, and by tenant.

Under the placement prospectus, no tenant may represent over 20% of the portfolio’s income; however, no tenant represents more than 10%.


Mitigates the risks associated with natural events and allows a better negotiation of insurance premiums.

Type of asset

Mitigates the risks associated with the market’s behavior in the different categories.


Mitigates the risks associated with the portfolio’s income concentration in a few tenants.