Bogotá, August 2020. Pei, the country’s leading real estate investment vehicle, managed by Pei Asset Management, held Pei 2020’s first-call Investors Ordinary Assembly.

The Assembly’s call was addressed to 4.561 investors of the vehicle and, given the current health emergency, for the first time ever was held virtually. The investors and their representatives answered the call with a 76.81% attendance of the outstanding securities.

With this quorum, the Assembly deliberated on and approved both Pei’s Management Report for 2019 and Pei’s Strategic Plan, as submitted by Pei Asset Management. The Pei Trust’s management reports and financial statements as of December 31, 2019, submitted by Fiduciaria Corficolombiana, were also approved.

Investors received an informative supplement with a summary of the vehicle’s current situation and response to the Covid-19 situation, based on the information in the Quarterly Results Teleconference held last Tuesday, August 11.

In connection with the Assembly, Jimena Maya, Pei Asset Management’s Investors Relations Manager stated: “We are pleased of having been able to offer Pei’s investors a complete virtual assembly experience, adjusted to the legal requirements. We also appreciate your attendance and active participation in the deliberation of the different points in the agenda. This result further strengthens the close relationship permanently built with this community, which is key for the vehicle.”