Investment Thesis

Colombian Leading Real Estate Investment Vehicle

Investment Thesis

Pei’s investors participate in a long-term income generating diversified portfolio. Investments in the vehicle offer an attractive return with low volatility and high liquidity, as a result of the daily traded volumes on the Colombian Stock Exchange.


Leader in the real estate investment vehicles sector in Colombia, with a significant size in Latin America.


The high volume traded in the secondary market, generates permanent liquidity to this real estate investment.


Pei offers its investors, under a long-term proposition, an attractive return with low volatility.

Professional Management

Pei Asset Management is an outstanding qualified manager with high corporate governance standards.


A hardly replicable real estate assets portfolio, categorized per type of asset, geographic location, and tenant.


Throughout the 13-year history of the vehicle, PEI has grown steadily and achieved a solid financial performance.

How to invest in Pei?

Any individual, business, or company interested in investing in Pei, may do so by purchasing TEIS Equity Securities. TEIS may be acquired in a primary issue or the secondary market, in both cases through a Stock Brokerage Firm.

Primary Issuance

Primary issues take place whenever the vehicle issues new securities. The issue has a first round where current investors may exercise their preemption rights and maintain their interest percentage, and a second round, targeting the general market, where current and new investors may access the remainder of the first round and acquire as many TEIS as possible, considering the relevant remainder thereof.

Secondary Market

A current or new investor may acquire Pei’s Equity Securities through the secondary market, as they are daily traded on the Colombian Stock Exchange. Investors interested in acquiring PEI Securities must do so through a Stock Brokerage Firm.

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