Risk Management and Digital Innovation

Risk Management and Digital Innovation

Risk management is essential for the business’s continuity, reason why the risks that Pei AM and PEI are exposed to are periodically assessed in light of the economic, industry, and regulatory context where they operate. The timely implementation and strengthening of the risk prevention and management mechanisms, is possible thanks to this continuous follow-up.

Identification of risks:


The portfolio has 6.459.190 ft² of LEED certified construction which 364,388 m2 are Pei’s property.

These LEED certification is awarded to those buildings complying with a set of energy efficiency, alternative energy use, indoor environmental quality improvement, water consumption efficiency, sustainable development, and material selection standards.

“As managers of the top real estate investment vehicle in the country, we understand the responsibility and impact that our operation has on the environment and neighboring communities. By implementing the practices promoted by the PRI and the SDGs and deeper fostering a solid culture of sustainability in our team, we will increase the added value generated for these communities, our tenants and Investors.”

Jairo CorralesPei Asset Management’s President