Advisory Committee

PEI has a high-level Advisory Committee, responsible for making the main decisions on acquisitions, indebtedness, and issuances and, generally monitoring the vehicle’s performance. Pei’s Advisory Committee has a mixed composition, as it consists of independent members and members of the Real Estate Manager.

The Real Estate Manager considers the business track-record, reputation, and experience as relevant criteria to choose the independent members of the Advisory Committee. The Real Estate Manager chooses the independent members, which are jointly ratified by the Investors Legal Representative and the Management Agent.

See Advisory Committee's Internal Rules

Independent Members

Roberto Holguín

Economist from Georgetown University, specialist in Finance. Member of the Board of Directors of Banco Davivienda, Constructora Bolívar, Grupo Energía de Bogotá GEB, Vicepresident of the Board of Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano and member of Grupo Bolívar’s investment committee.

Julio Manuel Ayerbe

Economist from Universidad de Los Andes. He was president of Organization Corona S.A., is currently a partner at law firm Ayerbe Abogados, and a member of the Boards of Directors of Organización Corona S.A., Corona Industrial S.A.S., Homecenter de Colombia S.A., and Banco Colpatria & Mercantil Colpatria.

Sol Beatriz Arango

Production Engineer from Eafit University and specialist in Finance. She is the current President of Servicios Nutresa S.A.S., Vicepresident for Sustainable Development of Grupo Nutresa, and General Director of Fundación Nutresa. She is a member of Protección S.A. and Crystal S.A.’s Boards of Directors, among others.

María Victoria Riaño

Business Administrator, graduated from the Javeriana University. He has an MBA from the Universidad de los Andes. He currently participates in the Boards of Directors of the Bolívar Group, the Juanfe Foundation and 30% Club, an initiative that ensures gender diversity in the Boards of Directors. He was part of other boards such as Invercolsa, the Colombian Petroleum Association, Colgas and Terpel Antioquia.

Members of the Real Estate Manager

Carlos Angulo Ladish

Partner of Inversiones y Estrategias Corporativas S.A. He worked for 8 years with Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York. He was involved in the creation of Grupo Terranum, and currently chairs PEI’s advisory committee.

Jairo Alberto Corrales

President of PEI Asset Management (formerly Terranum Inversión) since 2009. He structured the acquisition of over 500,000 m2 in different real estate categories such as commercial, corporate, logistics, and specialized uses. He was involved, among others, in the structuring of Isagen Corporate Headquarters in Medellín, Plaza Central Shopping Center, and Atrio Tower.

Carlos Fradique – Méndez

Partner of Brigard Urrutia, with over 25 years of experience advising a number of companies on Capital Markets, Banking and Finance, Foreign Investments, Derivatives and Structured Products, as well as in Customs and Foreign Trade, and Taxes.

Ana María Bernal Rueda

Ana María has been involved in several financial sector transactions and with the private equity fund industry. Her experience focuses on financial and corporate law. She worked at the Financial Superintendency of Colombia, served as In-house Legal Counsel for Holcim, and lawyer in the Capital Markets, Banking & Finance, and M&A areas of law firms Philippi, Prietocarrizosa, Ferrero DU & Uría and Dentons Cárdenas & Cárdenas.

Legal Representative

Jaime Alberto Sierra

Economist from Universidad Santo Tomás, Specialist in Private Finance of Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Master – Advanced Program in Business Management of Universidad de la Sabana’s INALDE School of Management and Business. For the past twenty years, he has held management positions in financial sector entities in the commercial, risks, and investment banking areas. He is a principal member of the Boards of Directors of reputed companies in various sectors of the country’s economy.