Bogotá D.C., September 29, 2020. Pei’s investors elected Fiduciaria Colombiana de Comercio Exterior S.A. (Fiducoldex) as their Legal Representative, during Pei’s Second Call-Investors Ordinary General Assembly of 2020.

The results of the election, which according to the equity securities (TEIS) issuance prospectus required a 40% vote of the TEIS outstanding, reported votes in favor of Fiducoldex for 70.53% of the TEIS outstanding.

Fiducoldex is a financial services company with over 27 years of experience. It was incorporated in 1992 as a mixed economy company belonging to the Bancoldex Group. Fiducoldex has extensive experience managing Private Equity Funds and equity securities issuances.

TEIS Investors’ new Legal Representative replaces Fiduciaria Colmena, which has this role for 13 years. Pei Asset Management, the vehicle’s manager appreciates Fiduciaria Colmena’s support and commitment.

The Investors’ Legal Representative plays a very important role in Pei’s corporate governance, because it has a voice and a vote within the Advisory Committee, manages the Investor Assemblies’ call and holding processes, and constitutes a clear and expeditious communication channel for the growing portfolio of investors, who may express and see their common interests represented through it.

Jairo Corrales, Pei Asset Management’s president stated in connection with the above, that “This Investors Assembly’s election is key for the vehicle’s corporate governance to remain as one of its main strengths in the market and continue to strengthen its proximity to and trust by its Investors.”

Pei’s Investors Second Ordinary Assembly of 2020 was addressed to the vehicle’s 4,500 investors. A 76.67% quorum of the TEIS outstanding was present during the assembly.

Jimena Maya, Pei’s Investor Relations Manager stated that, “We appreciate the Investors’ attendance to this Assembly, held in a format designed for everyone to participate expeditiously, comfortably, and safely. We will continue to foster interaction and joint decision-making spaces for our investors. Fiduciaria Colmena will cooperate with Fiducoldex to assure that its new role runs efficiently and that it continues to assist our investors with their needs.”